Vision and values

I have a vision of a better world built on bedrock values. This is my legacy.

Human Dignity
We approach the world from human dignity and cultural tolerance perspective – so that we can rise above our differences to unlock new friendships and opportunities that will improve the human experience.

The Children of Tomorrow
The children of tomorrow are our anchor focus and we will forever evolve with them in mind.

Think Big
We think big because it unlocks new paradigms of wisdom that will spark the inventions and innovations designed to shape the world. We think deeply about the moves we make in the world before we make them.

Community Citizenship
We are good citizens in the communities where we live and work. We embrace the culture, food, and perspectives of other people because we know it will spark new friendships, adventures, experiences, and spectrums of wisdom that only arise with having an open mind and compassion for all people.

Stewards of Earth
Earth is our only habitat and we aim to care for her.

Simplify Everything
We strive to simplify the way the world works because there is an extraordinary opportunity in unraveling our complex world.

Deliver Joy
We nurture sincere relationships with our customers in ways that deliver joy and a sense of comfort in the world.

Individual Legacy
We aim and work to reach our individual Legacies. We are self-evolutionary, aware of our place in the world, and sincere in our actions to make the world better.

Pure Imagination
We harness the power of our imagination to evolve our individual legacies and change the world through the process. 

Creativity & Artistic Expression
We embrace our authentic creativity and artistic abilities to unlock new ways of thinking and understanding the world around us. Artists are the rockstars of tomorrow.

Exploration & Discovery
We explore and discover. It’s what we do.

Invention & Innovation
We’re driven to invent and innovate at an extraordinarily high level so that we can make and share better things with the world.

We’re obsessed with teamwork. We thrive in creating a team-driven idea meritocracy to shape ventures that truly compete in the marketplace. We know that building the right team may take years or even decades to develop, but when in place it becomes a catalyst for massive acceleration potential.

The Spirit of Competition & Collaboration
We play to win at a very high level in everything we do because it drives invention and innovation forward. We know we’re competing heavily with other people in the marketplace but we’re always ready to merge and evolve when it makes sense in the grand scheme of things.

Time and Patience
We are extraordinarily patient. With deep insight and foresight, we have the perspective and understanding to see beyond the horizon and position ourselves ahead of those that seek instant gratification. Time is our greatest asset and we use it to our advantage.

Play Moneyball (Frugality)
We are scientific in our approach to frugality. We’re strategic in planning, resourceful in action, and self-sufficient in our evolution. We do more with less.

Follow the Leader
We know when to lead and when to follow. This makes for great leadership.

Visionary Leadership
We are visionary leaders. We’re masters at stepping up, building teams, making things move, and self-multiplying tomorrow’s leaders for the ventures and initiatives we evolve. We operate at all levels of invention and innovation and we’re deeply rooted in the first principle functions and nuances of our strategic vision. We take ownership, ask lots of questions, listen well, respectfully challenge the status quo, and we believe no task is ever beneath us.

We lead with conviction and tenacity, we make bold decisions, and once we make them we commit and keep moving forward. We aim for quality, we do not send defects down the line, and we resolve problems that arise so they never happen again.

We take ownership of our own legacies and the ventures that evolve from them. Owners collaborate with other owners to build dynamic environments that unlock opportunities in the marketplace. Owners move fast and they lead transformation and evolution at a very high level of performance. Owners aim for simplicity, clarity, and agility in all of their endeavors. Owners stay moving.

Awards & Prizes
We value our teams, encourage their development, and recognize their excellence with awards and prizes.

We celebrate the important milestones that matter to us as individuals and as human society.

Spread Love
We spread love because it matters.