I collaborate with 100 Year Thinkers to build new endeavors from scratch or integrating proven Endeavors already in evolution. We aim for long-term (Lifetime) relationships built on the foundation of human progress and a better world for the Children of Tomorrow… as expressed in the 100 Year Thinker’s Vision & Values.

Together we ideate, structure, spark invention & innovation, unlock revenue flow, deal flow, and secure freedom-level capital whenever needed via verified Accredited Investors.

All endeavors are designed to impact at least one major problem in the world and to reduce risks against long-term economic cycles influenced by the changing megatrends.

Opportunities per Endeavor:
– Anchor Chairman
– Board of Directors
– Executives
– Technicians & Engineers
– Investors (Click here)
– Strategic Partners & Sponsors
– International Licensing Partners
– and more

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