Business Services with the Future in Mind

My interest is to participate in the development of major business projects that are designed to help improve the lives of people and benefit our communities for generations to come.

Areas of service (Rates vary):

Advanced market research, audience segmentation, and testing

Advertising & Marketing

Artistic talent nurturing

Brand development and corporate identity

Creative arts services, printing, and packaging

Event planning and organization

General and strategic business advisory

Go-to-market strategy

Ideation consulting

Management development and recruitment

Market positioning

Mass media and communications

Operations planning and development

Product design and prototyping

Public relations planning

Strategic and long-term business planning

Supply chain sourcing (global)

Team building and company culture nurturing

Technology stack development

Vision development

Website, app, and eCommerce store development

and more

General Terms & Minimum Rates:
– For major projects only. Rates may increase depending on the project.
– I can only accept offers that don’t conflict with the partnerships I’m currently involved with. (See
– $120,000+ annual retainer guarantee ($10,000+ due upon signing then $10,000 at the 1st of each month). (May be waived depending on project)
– $500 per hour of online meeting time (scheduled and paid in advance).
– $1,000 per hour of onsite meeting time (scheduled and paid in advance).
– $2,000+ for travel/accommodations/transportation/meals to participate in onsite meetings outside of California (Paid in advance).
– $10,000+ in Annual Milestone Bonus Opportunities (paid out when a milestone is met).
– Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) during the retainer period.
– Non-Compete Agreement (NCA) during the retainer period.
– You assume 100% responsibility for all final decisions, costs, and risks.

Strategic partnerships and collaboration inquiries are welcomed. Please, reach out to me if you feel we can shape the future together. Use the form or call/text me at 800.935.8120.