About me (Verlin Daylin)

I’m the founder of 20V0 (20V0 is the Universal Sponsor of 2050), a world trade initaitive focsued on simplifying the way the world works. I’m also an Ambassador for the 2050 World Jubilee & Expositione, an open Moonshot initiative to release humanity of the injustices that hold back our collective human progress. I’m also an Ambassador for the acceleration of the United Nations Global Goals, and an advocate for ridding the world of nuclear weaponry.

Forward Evolution

20V0 15%

Evolving Skills Stack

Long-term Vision + Patience 95%
Simplicity + Minimalism 95%
Critical Thinking 95%
Systems Thinking 95%
Reverse Engineering + Order of Consequence 95%
Habit Stacking 95%
Complex Problem Solving 90%
Milestone Planning 90%
Strategic Leverage + Maneuvering 90%
Emotional Intelligence 85%
Cognitive Flexibility 85%
Creativity + Design 70%

Experience Stack (1994 – Present)

Veteran of the United States Navy, since 1994 (Honorable Service) 100%
Entrepreneurship 75%
Humanitarian Service 70%
Travel, Culture, Art, and Literature 65%