How to start or grow a small business.

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The U.S. Small Business Blueprint

  • 1. Contact the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) to start or grow your business in ways that will navigate you towards true success. They will assist in all areas of your business where you need expert guidance. They play the long-term game.

    The SBDC is an industry secret among some of the most successful entrepreneurs in America – and it’s free (our tax dollars pay for it). Spread the word.

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Verlin Daylin

I’m an American futurist, entrepreneur, and business development advisor to a small group of forward-moving entrepreneurs. My agenda is to help evolve new and established ventures across a vast spectrum of industries. The companies we’re building will improve the lives of people – and benefit our communities for generations to come. Learn more about my Agenda

Are you looking to take your organization to the next level? Please reach out to me if you’re a future-ready entrepreneur aiming to unlock further growth.