Hi, I’m Verlin Daylin

I’m an Ambassador for the 100 Year Thinkers, an open world development endeavor designed to connect a growing network of forward-thinking leaders dedicated to pioneering invention and innovation deep into the future. Learn more at 100yearthinkers.org.

I’m also the Founder and CEO at Reserve Authority, a future-focused hub of evolving endeavors and opportunties. Learn more at reserveauthority.com.

My personal focus is to help empower future generations of people because some of the world’s biggest challenges require generations to resolve. I’m also an advocate for human dignity, cultural tolerance, heritage preservation, environmental sustainability, mental health awareness, simplified education standards, the ratification of extreme poverty everywhere, and more.

I have over 25 years of career experience, study, and skill development spanning both the public and private sectors. My knowledge of both the fundamentals and nuances of leadership, team building, enterprising, strategic methodologies, design systems, engineering systems, consumer behavior, communications, revenue sourcing, resource allocation, and more have been instrumental in helping organizations and individuals around the world. I have received awards and recognitions from Governments, Bi-partisan Institutions, Private Organizations, Small Businesses, and Private Family Offices for my work across many levels of world development and entrepreneurship. My focus is on the future.

I’m also a proud Californian from Los Angeles and I enjoy spending time with the people I care about, reading great books, studying, eating delicious food, listening to great music, taking road trips, meeting great people, wearing Vans Shoes, watching the UFC, and doing other fun stuff. Life is a trip.

Verlin Daylin

Verlin Daylin

Want to Connect? Let’s connect at reserveauthority.com/talk to schedule a private one-on-one discussion. I look forward to connecting with you. You can also find be across social media via the links below.