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I have more than 25 years of experience & skills built on the strength of a bold vision, clear values, deliberate learning, hard work, strategic planning, and patience. With the deep wisdom and guidance of my many mentors and the extraordinary ambition of those I’ve been honored to pave the way for is, has always been, and will always be the energy that keeps me moving forward. To stay grounded and focused I boldly follow the Vision & Values of the 100 Year Thinkers.

Today, I’m interested in engaging in endeavors exclusively with the 100 Year Thinkers changing the world.

Note: I will start releasing my 25 years of notes in the coming weeks which will cover important topics in business, society, science, technology, education, and more. Some of these notes will be controversial but highly valuable for those that study and put into practice the insights & foresight in a real way. Each post will be designed to shift an individual’s paradigm of thinking, help set the stage for them to level-up, and then pave the way for them to rapidly evolve into the future. It all boils down to direction, action, and time.